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An introductory post

January 28, 2019

An introductory teaser for my introductory post

WPRDC Project - Smoking and Anxiety Meds in Allegheny County

January 30, 2019

My topic for the Dataset project was the relationships between smoking and the use of anxiety meds in Allegheny county. Throughout my life, I've never really understood the appeal of smoking, a ... [Read More]

Update 1: Proposal and Initial Curriculum

February 18, 2019

For my skills project, I've decided to set myself with the task of learning good web design standards for accessibility. This topic was inspired by a discussion on navigating the DOM in my ... [Read More]

Skills Assignment Blog Post 2

February 27, 2019

1.) What was your initial project focus? How have you revised it so far? Provide examples pertaining to narrowed the scope of your project and added specificity.

My initial focus of the p ... [Read More]

Skills Assignment Reflection

March 01, 2019

Having completed my twenty hours of studying the topic, I am now able to look back and ponder much of what I've learned, as well as the methods I used to learn these skills. Over the course of ... [Read More]


Group Project Blog Post

April 19, 2019

our website

Our project began from an idea that had been stirring in my head for a while: what does the breakdown of ... [Read More]


Looking over the semester

April 26, 2019

When working throughout the semester, I was pressed to fit visualizations to my data. Of all the ones that I look back on and think “I bet there’s a better way I could have done this,&r ... [Read More]