Noah's PDC Blog

Skills Assignment Proposal

By Noah Scholfield

February 09, 2019

I want to learn how to better use Mapbox. Using it for my Pittsburgh dataset project was actually the first time I have used it so I'm sure there is a lot more I can do with it. I've always kind of been interested in Mapbox because lots of apps and websites use Mapbox maps and I always wondered how they worked. I also like how you can add multiple layers to show different datasets over a geographic area. There are also ways to visually represent data using the size or color or objects on a map so I want to figure out how to use that to effectively visualize data.


Here are some of the subskills I want to learn how to do to make my maps more interactive and better illustrate the data.

  • toggle different layers
    • change what data is being shown on the map
  • more interactive popups
  • more ways to visually present data on the map (different colors, sizes, etc.)
  • timeline of data (show data from different times)
  • let users add points
    • localStorage to remember them?
  • change layer and item colors
  • add a legend for colors
  • optimizing it for mobile more
  • figure out what I should do in Mapbox Studio online vs with Mapbox GL in JavaScript
  • anything else I find when looking at other Mapbox maps


This is my tentative schedule of the different things I want to learn how to do.

Activity Hours
Look for examples of Mapbox maps to see what is possible and what I want to try 2
Watch and work through tutorial videos and articles 3
Find more data to use and display 2
Play around different types of layers, colors, ways of representing data 3
Add multiple layers to map and add ability to toggle them 2
Implement timeline for data 3
Figure out how to let user's add their own points 3
Finalize page changes and blog post 2
Total 20

Resources/Learning Materials

There are links to some of the articles, videos, and tutorials I will use to learn more about using Mapbox.