Noah's PDC Blog


By Noah Scholfield

January 28, 2019

Hi, I'm Noah and I’m a senior Information Science major interested in web development. So far for the dataset project I have been playing around with heat maps in Mapbox.

I think I am going to use a the City of Pittsburgh Trees dataset and look at which neighborhoods have the most trees. I also want to incorporate the monetary value that the dataset assigns to each tree related to CO2 emissions or storm water absorption abilities but I'm not quite sure how I will integrate that yet. I like how the heat map looks so far and I added popups so that you can click on a tree to see more info about it specifically. I'd like to show the size of the tree and maybe how much CO2 it absorbs or it's assessed monetary value when you click on an individual tree. Here's my heat map so far if you want to see it. As you zoom in you can see individual trees and the size of each dot corresponds to the diameter of the tree so it shows density as well as the size of the trees in a given area.

I'm also working on some PivotTables in Excel that will show the number of trees, total value of the trees, or other metrics of the trees for different neighborhoods around Pittsburgh. I think it will be interesting to see which neighborhoods have the most trees. I might also relate that info to another dataset, like income in those neighborhoods or property values to see if there is any correlation. I could also do something with the diameter of the trees to try to estimate their ages to see which neighborhoods have the oldest and youngest trees in them and see if that relates to their value. It would also be interesting to see if most neighborhoods have a mix of different ages of trees or if there are some that are predominantly old or new trees. You can already see the differences in diameter on the heat map so you can see areas that are probably new developments because there are a bunch of small trees all evenly spaced along a road.

One thing I noticed from looking at the heat map is that there isn’t any data about trees in the parks around the city. I might look and see if there is any information about those trees or if data only exists about trees outside the parks.

Oh, I just had another idea. The data for each tree also shows what kind of condition it’s in so I could create a map showing the trees and color code them according to their condition. So I have a few different ideas I can work with.