Noah Hubbard's Data Blog

An Introduction

By Noah Hubbard

January 28, 2019

Hi! I'm Noah Hubbard, a senior majoring in economics and minoring in statistics. I took this class to try to get better at data visualization. For my Pittsburgh data project I'm using a dataset on Pittsburgh police training. The data shows how many hours were spent on various aspects of training from the years 2005 to 2016. I found this data interesting because around 2014 there is a noticable shift in hours spent by Pittsburgh police officers in areas which would be expected to lower police shootings. These areas include: firearm training, mental health training, and procedural justice/ethics. 2014 seems like a significant year to me. because 2013 is when the Black Lives Matter movement began, and police violence became an issue of national visibility. If I can find data, I would also like to compare this training data to data on police shootings in Pittsburgh to see if there has been a noticeable shift in incidents since police training has been ramped up.