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Hellow World

January 30, 2019

Hello there!

I'm from just outside of Southern part Philly. I'm a 5th year at Pitt going for Media and Professional Communications - digital media. I started at bio went to IT, ... [Read More]


Pitt Database Project

January 30, 2019

When I first went into this project I had wanted to look at the poor housing conditions in Pittsburgh and how some havn't changed since the Steel Industry. However, I couldn't get them to w ... [Read More]


Update 1: Proposal and List

February 08, 2019

I want to focus on data visualization to help improve my website I build now and in the future. I enjoy fact finding and want to build a few websites to use for my portfolio. I do better with ... [Read More]

Update #2

February 15, 2019

Skills Assignment Worksheet Answers

1. My intial project was to collect the worlds population by each country and display it with tableau. I have resivsed it to include and compare e ... [Read More]

Blog Post #3

February 23, 2019

This project was, for the most part, fun to do since I was able to pick the topic I wanted to work and not be extremely restricted on what I was allowed to talk about. The part I had the most fun w ... [Read More]

Group Project Blog

April 15, 2019

My team was the Cuisine Machines – we decided on that name because we wanted to something about food; the C and M also have a meaning to them as well. C for Computers since all three of us ar ... [Read More]


Reflection and Revision Portfolio

April 25, 2019

**** My home wesbite does not have all of my websites linked to it. But it you go into the dataset and/or self guided project you can get to the rest of them there. I was using this site as a portf ... [Read More]