from burg to burgh

My Pittsburgh Dataset Project

By Allison Brekosky

January 30, 2019


For the Pittsburgh Dataset Assignment, I decided to focus on fast food locations in Oakland as the subject for this project. For college students, food is a big part of our lives, and I decided to focus on the fast-food locations specifically located on either Fifth or Forbes Avenues, as these streets are the hub of the University of Pittsburgh. This dataset is rather focused, as not all of Oakland is being catalogued, just Fifth and Forbes Avenues. And not all of Fifth and Forbes is accounted for either, just the part that is considered to be in Oakland, just between Boulevard of the Allies and Beeler Street. 

The original dataset and my infographic both show that the fast-food locations are divided into 4 separate categories. These include (1) take out, (2) breakfast, drink, other, (3) no dollar menu, and finally (4) dollar menu. In the original dataset, these categories are set apart by different colored dots, red, yellow, blue, and green, respectively. In my infographic, the categories are separated by different bars on a bar graph. The dataset includes fifteen shops within the area. None of the fast-food places were categorized as "take-out", 8 were "breakfast, drink, other," 4 were "no dollar menu," and 3 were "dollar menu." 

I incorporated the infographic into the website's design in an effective manner, by including it centrally in the write-up pertaining to the assignment. I believe this is necessary so audiences can reference back to the infographic as needed. 

This dataset is important, as the information it contains could be imperative data for the food industry. This data could be useful to show trends in what's popular, show what this section of the city needs, shows what options are currently available for customers, etc. One downside I see in this dataset is that it only shows what stores are on Forbes and Fifth currently. If the dataset were to be expanded upon, audiences could see the history behind these streets and the stores that have, and still do, reside on them. The importance of this dataset would be heightened, as people could then see what has and hasn't worked, and what to avoid investing in for the future.

As you can see, this dataset has great importance within our community. Moreover, students like food, and when it comes to food, they like choices as well. I decided, therefore, to focus especially on the locations within Pitt's hub on Forbes and Fifth Avenues. This dataset categorizing all of the current choices all in one place is meaningful. The data as I have presented it is important for the college community. 

Click here to go to the original dataset. Click here to go to my GitHub.