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An Insight into my Life

January 28, 2019

The first thing that I'm going to tell you in this blog post is that you're reading the blog of someone who has little to no idea of what they're doing with a pen (or in this case, a ke ... [Read More]

On my essay about trees (not the illegal kind)

January 29, 2019

For my model essay, I wrote about the trees of Pittsburgh. Well, that isn't entirely accurate. What I should be saying is that I set out to write about the trees of Pittsburgh, bu ... [Read More]

20 hours to last a lifetime (Proposal for it, anyway)

February 08, 2019

Ever since I was a young child, I've been fascinated by stories.

While many people viewed them simply as a break from the real world, I see stories as more than that. While I do enjoy ... [Read More]

An Update.

February 15, 2019

Reflecting on my self-study

February 22, 2019

Hello all, I hope this blog post finds you well.

As you probably know, I've been working on a self-study project these past few weeks, and as my 20 hours of learning have drawn to a c ... [Read More]

Experience of Working in a Group

April 15, 2019

LINK TO THE GITHUB PAGES SITE: https://ramiyer1998.github.io/Pittsburgh-Yelp-Data/


"Gro ... [Read More]


Final Reflection

April 25, 2019

After a long semester, it seems we have finally reached the end. At this time, I would like to answer a few questions posed for the Reflection/Portfolio Assignment. This one probably won't be n ... [Read More]