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Introducing myself

January 28, 2019

Hi there,

My name is Rujing Shen. I am born and raised in China. I also go by Betty, which is the English name my first English teacher gave me at the very first English class I had ... [Read More]

Pittsburgh dataset Project

January 30, 2019

For my project essay, I wrote about the overpopulation of deer in Pittsburgh. I am interested in studying deer in this city because encountering wild deer in urban area is something unimaginable be ... [Read More]

Update 1: Proposal and Curriculum (2nd version)

February 09, 2019

My project’s topic is going to be about the plastic pollution in the ocean. And focus of this project is going to be data visualization and web design. 


For th ... [Read More]


February 16, 2019

1.What was your initial project focus? How have you revised it so far? Provide examples pertaining to narrowed the scope of your project and added specificity.

My initial project focus is ... [Read More]


February 23, 2019


At this point of this experience, I am a bit surprised to find out that I quite enjoyed this whole experience, especially during the latter part when I finally had some control ove ... [Read More]


February 26, 2019

By far, I have completed the 20 hours self-guided skill assignment. Overall, I think this whole process was fun and even exciting when the final end was approaching. For someone who has never typed ... [Read More]

Team project artist statement

April 20, 2019

Jena, Robert and I formed our team defective porcupine in this project. As we sit quite separately in class, we didn’t know each other very well before this project. While we gathered togethe ... [Read More]



April 22, 2019

Choose: An example of how you made a choice related to visualization type

The team project. “Countries” part [Read More]