Team Project

Due Date: Monday, April 15, 2019

Submission Instructions: Push final changes to Github Pages and Link with a Blog Entry

Assignment Description:

The team project assignment will be a website that builds upon some of the ideas that you and your teammates developed for previous assignments. The team project should not be a revision of one student's work but should be a new website with an interactive component, as well as a dataset that your team makes or shapes by hand (such as by adding a column to existing data or representing something new as data) or using code (such as a web-scrape). As with other assignments, you will use css and html to design the site.

Assignment Components

Item Percentage of Assignment Grade Due Date Comments
Classwork Process Assignments25Various Due Dates (See Table Below)Must attend class to get credit
Website with Visualizations and Narrative50Monday, April 15, 2019Same basic page structure as PGH Dataset Assignment
Individual Reflective Blog Post25Friday, April 19, 2019Each student writes their own post

Overview of Classwork Process Assignments

Item Class Day
Name Your TeamWednesday, March 20, 2019
Choose Your ScenarioMonday, March 25, 2019
Choose Your Topic and Set Up Github RepositoryWednesday, March 27, 2019
Visualization BrainstormMonday, April 1, 2019
Data BrainstormWednesday, April 3, 2019
Progress Report ActivityMonday, April 8, 2019
Peer Review ActivityWednesday, April 10, 2019

Choosing a Topic

Below are scenarios for the team assignment. Once you have a scenario, you must work together to choose a specific topic. Each scenario has its own rules for how to narrow it down to a topic choice. Finding or making the right data will have a lot to do with what you choose to do.

Option 1: Complicating the Commonplace

Option 2: From a Distance

Option 3: So What?

Option 4: Propose Your Own Scenario?!


As a team, you will develop a dataset specific to your topic. You should either assemble it yourself or augment a publicly available dataset. In other words, downloading a dataset and using it as-is would not be sufficient for this assignment. However, adding a column to existing data or representing something as data that exists in some analog form would be sufficient. Merging related datasets that relate to each other could be sufficient, and so could creating a meaningful subset of a larger dataset. Your dataset should probably be at least 500-1,000 rows long, but this will depend heavily on what kind of data you decide to collect or augment. Here are a few examples of what would constitute a sufficient dataset:

Website with Visualizations and Narrative

As with the "Digital Object" component of the Pittsburgh Dataset Project, this component of the assignment will be a mix of graphics and text that tells a story. All teammates should participate in creating this content. You may use a single-page design or a multi-page layout, but the mix of visualizations and narrative should satify the following requirements.

Individual Reflective Blog Post

As you did for the "Artist Statement" component of the Pittsburgh Dataset Project, you will publish your reflection on your student blog with the a link to the team's Github Pages site so it's easy to tell them apart. Each team member will write their own reflection of 750-1,000 words. You can use this space to explain, justify, extend, and/or contextualize your work, but you should focus on describing your individual contributions to the project. As with the Pittsburgh Dataset Project, this reflection should read like a personal essay (where saying "I" is encouraged). Finally, you should cover the folowing topics in some way:


  1. Where should the site be located? What URL?
  2. Any URL is fine for this project. You should nominate a team member to create the project repo and set up the Github Pages site and then have other teammates fork the repository so they can make changes and create pull requests. (I'll discuss this further in class)

  3. Are the Website Narrative and the Individual Reflective Blog Post the same thing?
  4. No. They are two different written components. See above for more details.

  5. How long should the Website Narrative Be?
  6. 2,000-2,500 words. See above for more details.

  7. How long should the Individual Reflective Blog Post Be?
  8. 750-1,000 words. See above for more details.

  9. How many graphs and tables does our team have to do?
  10. 4-5 graphs and tables. See above for more details.

  11. Can we download and use an existing dataset for this project?
  12. Only if you augment it in a significant way (adding a column, merging it with a second dataset, subsetting, etc.)