Reflection and Revision Portfolio

Due Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019

Submission Instructions: Push final changes to Github Pages and Link with a Blog Entry

Assignment Description:

This assignment asks you to think about your how you engaged with “communicating with data” this semester. You will collect samples of your work from the Pittsburgh Dataset Assignment, the Skills Development Assignment, the Pecha Kucha Assignment, and the Team Assignment. Each collected example will be paired with a micro-reflection answering specific questions. You will post your reflections to your student blog and add the portfolio of collected work to your Github Pages Website

Part 1: Collection Examples and Micro Reflections

Choose: An example of how you made a choice related to visualization type

Reflection: If you could convert this visualization to something else (bar graph vs. scatter plot, etc.), what would you choose? How would might user experience change if you made this change?

Choose: An example of how you made a choice related to color, fonts, captions, scale, or other design elements

Reflection: Discuss how you would change these design elements under different circumstances, especially in terms of your imagined audience. How would you revise for an expert on your topic, or for someone who knew nothing about your topic?

Choose: An example of how you made a choice related to comparing on thing to another

Reflection: Why did you choose this particular comparison? Would the comparison be more effective with additional revisions? If so, what revisions?

Choose: An example of something that frustrated you or took a larger amount of time than you would have liked

Reflection: How did you finally overcome this obstacle, or when did you know it was time to move on? What did you learn, procedurally, from this obstacle?

Choose: An example of something you are particularly proud of

Reflection: Why does this example stick out in your mind? How might you adapt what you like about it for future work?

Part 2: Finalize Github Pages Website

This is your final opportunity to revise your Github Pages website, incorporating best practices and Bootstrap elements from the checklist I gave you earlier in the semester. That list, for reference, includes the following:

Part 3 (Optional): Revise Any Previous Assignments

Throughout the term, many of you expressed goals for revision on major assignments. You can revise any major assignment for resubmission at this time, and I will consider giving you bonus points on past assignments if your revisions sufficiently address any issues I flagged when grading your work. If you submit revisions, your website should make it very clear what you have revised. For example, you may wish to change the style of your menu links to call attention to revised work, or you may wish to address the revisions directly in your final blog post.