IN CLASS: Set up folder and sign up for Github education account

Github Instructions

  1. Go to and select the green "signup" button
  2. Use your pitt email for the account
  3. Follow signup directions (may require an email confirmation)
  4. Choose the free account option
  5. Once signed up, go to
  6. Fill out the information to request an education license as a student
  7. Make sure you will remember your username, as you will need it for the next step

To Create and Share a Folder on

  1. Go to and sign in using your Pitt credentials
  2. Create a Folder by clicking "New" and then selecting "Folder"
  3. The folder name will be [Yourlastname]_pdc-spring-2019, as in Lavin_pdc-spring-2019
  4. Before clicking "OK", under collaboration, paste into the form field. Click "select access type" and change it to "co-owner"
NOTE: The link below will just take you to

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